West Ham Sale

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West Ham Sale

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West Ham TABLECLOTHS - Suitable for any occasion but tend to slip down the
table after a short time - £4:99

West Ham VIDEOS - All the highlights from the last 20 years action. This
10 min video, including lots of re-runs, is a perfect gift for any fan

West Ham BANNERS - Come complete with interchangeable slogans Eg:- "Roeder
OUT", "Redknapp OUT", "LET ME OUT" etc.. £15:00

"OUR LITTLE HERO" KEYRINGS - Come complete with model of Billy Bonds (Our
Hero) attached. - £0.50p each.

West Ham JOKE BOOK - A MUST for all fans. This 900 page book is full of
all the best jokes ever told about the club. - £25:00

West Ham C0NDOMS - Come in sizes from "Little Hero" to "BIG Dowie". Ideal
for the pricks in the Bobby Moore Stand. - £0:75p for life-times supply.

West Ham BRA - One for the ladies. This bra, in team colours, comes with
good support but no cups- £14:99

West Ham 'LADIES' TOWELS - The 'Freddie Kanoute' sanitary towel, complete
with instructions, "In for a week, Out for a month". - £1:00 each

KEEPER'S GLOVE - A must for any fans at the back of the stand, or near the
corner flags to catch any shots the lads may have at goal. £8:99

LEAGUE DIRECTORY - An item for the more discerning fan. This quality
publication gives detailed directions to every 'Nationwide' League Ground
in the country. A snip at just £25:00

West Ham LIPSTICK - Ideal for kissing goodbye. (To the Premier League, as
worn by the players) £0:99p each

BARGAIN BASEMENT - Don't miss the annual clearance sale of players. These
come in all ages, (many are free of charge, spares or repairs)